Social management

We are concerned with achieving a positive effect in the life of our neighbors located within the area of influence of our operations.

We promote sustainable social projects that contribute to the growth of neighboring communities, based on a relationship of respect and ongoing dialogue. We also foster a participatory environment that provide opportunities for these communities to manage their own development.

Social investment categories:

Economic development and entrepreneurship

We empower our neighbors near our operations.

We help them develop the business and technical skills necessary to implement their own enterprises and generate economic income for their families and their community.

Through projects we strengthen their technical-productive, organizational, business articulation, management and leadership skills to help them improve the production and productivity levels of their crops and livestock, increasing their economic income.

Education and culture

We support programs and initiatives focused on developing skills and knowledge in science, technology, reading comprehension and workforce development.

Because children are the future leaders of our communities, it is imperative that we contribute to their success.
A comprehensive education allows them to have a more complete development, where they enhance their cognitive and social skills, which are important for their personal growth and empower their horizons in an environment free of violence.




Through public-private partnerships with local municipalities, we provide assistance to improve basic infrastructure and deliver essential services that can significantly improve people’s lives.

Infrastructure support is necessary to improve access to basic services such as electricity, potable water and safe roads.


Environmental care and education

We invest in programs that promote environmental education and protect or improve natural resources.

We promote projects to inform community organizations about the existence of funding sources for their environmental projects.

We want our neighbors to share the same commitment we have to caring for our environment, so we develop various initiatives to raise awareness of the responsible use and preservation of natural resources.

Health and safety

We seek that our neighboring communities can have access to quality health and safety services.

We inform about the risks of our operations and jointly manage prevention and protection measures in both normal operations and in the event of an emergency.

Strategic partners

We invest in social programs to respond to the specific needs of the communities where we carry out our operations, in collaboration with formal and reputable organizations.

Our efforts are reflected in our ability to identify high impact social commitment initiatives.