Our Culture


To provide innovative and sustainable energy solutions to develop each home, company, city and country.
“We are the energy that ensures that the world never stop”.


To be recognized for generating value through operational excellence, by renewing our business portfolio and the creation of new energy solutions in harmony with our environment.

Cultural Principles

  • Each partner counts
    We are aware of the impact of our decisions, we make them appreciating and understanding the needs of the environment and the impact they will have on each of our stakeholders: customers, shareholders, communities, government institutions and suppliers.
  • Focused on creating value
    We can do more and better. We generate value, through growth, innovation and efficiency.
  • Ethics guides our actions
    We act with transparency, honesty and respect.
  • We drive change
    We are always looking for new ideas aligned to our purpose. We question ourselves and we do not conform for the status quo.
  • We are an empowered and responsible team
    We empower our people. We are committed and we own our tasks and responsibilities.