Corporate Governance

We are committed to the growth and development of all our stakeholders. It is our duty to achieve this in the right way, following the highest ethical standards. We follow the highest possible standards of transparency, professionalism and efficiency to create sustainable value, which allows us to build our business through a symbiotic relationship with our environment, maintaining and improving our good reputation in the long term.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct establishes the reference framework of our organizational conduct, containing the principles and guidelines that we must follow to assess and address different situations that may arise in the course of our daily responsibilities.

We have a Supplier’s Code of Conduct.

Ethics Line

Cannel for consult and to report unethical or illegal conducts. Impartial, transparence and confidential, It is available to all employees and general public.

Compliance Culture

We communicate with veracity, in a clear and direct way. We always act with honesty and respect.

All employees, without exception, share our uncompromising commitment to the highest professional standards and abide by international and applicable law in each country, as well as to our internal regulations and Code of Conduct.